A new way to create maps

Maperial is a free javascript API to create dynamical maps for your web applications.

Configure your own set of layers and parameters to visualize, analyze, and understand your data.

For now we stick on enhancing this API and hope to see a community gathering around, which would mean we are on the right path to provide a new map tool.

Enjoy drafting and sharing your maps, and don't forget to let us know your feedback !

Let me play !

  • Get started with a first map
  • Check out a whole bunch of Codepen examples
  • Understand Maperial's concepts
  • Explore the complete API reference to draw your own maps

I’ve downloaded under-five mortality rate data from Unicef (xlsx), containing all numbers by countries from 1950.

After having converted it to GeoJson and added latitude/longitude for every ‘Feature’, the data is ready to be used with Maperial : 26 javascript lines draw the dynamical map and animate the data over the years.

See the Pen Maperial animation : Under five mortality rate since 1950 by Chris (@chrisdugne) on CodePen.

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